What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an American origin dynamic platform and an alternative to the traditional funding system that gets ideas of daring and passionate people to life. It was launched in 2009, and to date, it has funded 445,000 projects. Kickstarter has pretty much banked all the zealous, imaginative, and active thinkers in every possible way.


How does it work?

It works on a series of legal requirements and documentation that the startup creators need to follow. In 2012 a new stipulation was added whereby creators have to set a deadline for their work. This not only increased the productivity rates but also enhanced accountability.

In 2013 new guidelines for Design and technology projects were launched. Necessary actions are taken by the allocated staff in case of violation of policies. Once a project gets fully funded, Kickstarter levies a 5% fee on the allocated funds, and if a project runs short of funds, no one’s charged.

In 2015 a Public Benefit Corporation was put into place, and the corporate charter was updated, prioritizing Kickstarter’s vibrant community.

One of the most significant advantages Kickstarter offers is the complete ownership of the startup remains with the creator, and the backers work to make the projects running rather than aiming for financial profits.

In case the creator comes up with any sort of problem leading to delay of the project, they need to look for a reasonable reason explaining the situation. In the majority of the cases, backers are fully supportive and understanding.

How does kickstarter work



In the Recent time, Kickstarter has become a community comprising one of the most creative ideas present. It has successfully delivered its services without any glitch in the system and saved many from falling. There are no last-minute hassles or backing out of investors. Across the globe, about 19.5 million people have funded Kickstarter video script. Indeed it has proved to be one of the best crowdfunding platforms available on the net. While developing a Kickstarter video script, make sure your audience has the right mental presence to stay on your page.