Blender is one of the most modern tools we use in our daily life and the kitchen. So since the creation of Blender, we have created a way to do all our work in a much easier and faster way. It can be considered as a must-have Blender in every home kitchen. There are many blender products available at different prices in the market. In today’s article, we discuss some of the best blenders that are priced under 100 dollars.

 So you can read this article and choose the product of your choice.

Best blenders under 100$

1. Nutri Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

 If you are looking for a good blender and want to make your busy life a lot easier, you can use it.

 There are several reasons to like Blender, so you can quickly grind any food type with it.

 Ice cubes can easily be crushed when ice is mix with food. In many cases, the blade used inside the Blender is unsuitable for cutting ice. But with this Blender, you will be able to crush the ice very quickly.

Also, this Blender helps a lot in mixing fruits and vegetables. It has some more advantages, like its base is easy to clean. 

Everything except the base part can wash safely in the dishwasher.

 This part can’t clean with water as the base is connecting to electrical components. Everything else is suitable for washing in water.

 So within a medium budget, this can be an advanced and right quality product.

 The product is considered to be suitable enough to speed up the cooking work in your family.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Mix quickly.
  • Ability to break the ice.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • The blades may need to replace after few months.

2. Nutri BL465 ninja pro compact

 Nutri BL465 ninja pro compact is another high-quality product on a medium budget within 100$. This allows you to blend vitamins and nutrients. 

This product can help you as an alternative if you are thinking of buying a juicer.  

With a blender, you can easily crush different types of seeds, fruits, vegetables and mix them to make food. Another essential feature is that the ice can crush very easily.

 In many cases, it is seen that ice cubes are relatively rigid, and many blenders cannot grind these products. But with the help of this Blender, you will be able to crush ice.  

Another advantage of Blender is that it comes with a recipe book. This allows you to get many recipes together.

 The product also has several other features, such that the surface where the food sticks can safely wash in the dishwasher.

 This product has a good reputation for speedy operation.

 So within the medium budget, you can use the product as an alternative charge.


  • Easily prepare nutrients, fruits, vegetables.
  • A recipe guide comes with 75 recipes.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Blender cups are made of plastic, not glass.


  • Be careful not to break the plastic.
  • The sound may be a bit more.

Jamba Appliances entirely shield Blender (58915)

 In many cases, the sound of the Blender may seem extra. 

This product is suitable for those who make breakfast and find the sound of the Blender annoying.  

So you can pick this product. A notable advantage of the product is that it has four blades instead of two.

 This Blender seems to be more potent than ordinary standard blenders. With the help of this Blender, you can easily crush vegetables-fruits, pulses, peas, nuts without any problem.

   The amount of food to be given to the Blender. If less food is provided from the rotating part, then the Blender’s inability will be revealed. So using food in moderation is another essential aspect of preparing food in a blender.

 This product comes with a recipe book where you will find useful guidelines and some free recipes. The product is safe and very suitable for a dishwasher for cleaning.


  • The use of a quiet shield reduces noise.
  • Able to crush ice and nuts together.
  • Easy to wash.
  • There is a recipe book.


  • The blade can be a problem to wash because it does not come out of the central part, so it isn’t easy to clean.

4. NutriBullet blender combo

 One unique product under 100 dollars is the Nutri Bullet Speed ​​Blender. This Blender is very easy to mix smoothly in any soft drink frozen state. 

It comes with two cups so if you want to use more than that, this product may be unsuitable for you.

 In most cases, fruits and vegetables may not be suitable for this machine as only soft drinks, and soft drinks are suitable with this Blender.

 It is very unsuitable for crushing ice because its blades are not enough to crush ice. If we use fruits and vegetables for cutting, we have to face a little difficulty.

 Soft drinks can consider suitable for producing and preparing.

 Electric units are more likely to damage if you are not careful when using liquids. If you drink, you can use the cup in the shape of a mug.


  • The blade is made of stainless steel.
  • Fast electric motors.
  • Comes with a recipe guide.
  • Has one year warranty.
  • It can easily cut fruits and vegetables.


  • The blade does not come out, so it isn’t easy to clean.
  • It may need to be replaced.
  • Hard to crush ice.

KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-speed with 56 ounce

 You can easily use this product if you want to mix liquid or soft drinks or make soft drinks. It is effortless to clean.

 One problem is that it can be challenging to operate the machine correctly if you do not use enough fluids to fit the full size.

 It may be unsuitable for ice crushing only because the blade inserted into the ground without sufficient fluid is not suitable for proper operation. The inner edge is made of stainless steel.

 Easy to clean, this is a good sign, and the wrong sign is that if the plastic ring around the blade cracks, then the whole thing may need to be replaced. For this, you have to use it very carefully.


  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Suitable for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to control speed, Has five types of the speed setting.
  • Soft Start has the feature of making food.
  • Has one year warranty.


  • The sound may be a little louder.
  • If all the products are not given in the right quantity, they may need to be stirred and stopped repeatedly.
  • Not safe in the dishwasher.
  • The blades may crack and need to be replaced.


 So far, we’ve been discussing within 100 dollars the blenders that seemed appropriate and standard. If you have more budgets, then you can buy better products.

  So in case of buying a product, one should look at it at least once and sign the choice and then buy the product knowing well about the product’s performance. In this case, the possibility of embarrassment is very low, and each product is made for a different purpose.

If you buy a suitable blender for the job for which you will use the Blender, then there is no possibility of getting in trouble.

 I hope you find the article useful. Thank you so much, everyone, for reading this article for so long.

 I wish everyone a healthy life and longevity.