The Asus M6000n is a powerful laptop with a sleek, stylish design. In recent years, Asus has focused on business notebooks with integrated graphics. The M6000n could just as easily be a gamers laptop since it sports the powerful Mobile Radeon 9600, which offers desktop-class 3D acceleration.

Widescreen optional

Looks very good and is not too big to carry around

This laptop definitely packs a punch. The Intel Pentium M processor is a very nice choice since it offers lots of performance for low power usage. In fact, Asus claims up to 8.5 hours if a second battery module is installed.

The Asus M6000n Well Balanced Design

Some laptops come with screens that are such a high-resolution text that can be difficult to read, while high resolutions are great for graphics professionals for everyday work; they can be a pain. The Asus M600n doesn’t fall into this trap offering nice optional displays with 15.1″ SXGA (1400 x1050) or 15.4″ WXGA (1280×800) possible.

You can configure the laptop with Pentium M processors up to the current maximum of 1.7Ghz. I prefer the Pentium M over Pentium 4 on laptops since it offers better battery life and comparable performance. However, heavy-duty users that work with large files would probably want to go for another laptop that does support the Mobile Pentium 4.

All the standard connection ports are on the M600n. You do get firewire, 4 USB ports, parallel, lan (including wireless), a flashcard reader and audio connectors. The laptop also has Audio DJ buttons that allow you to control DVD or CD playback directly. The optical drive can be swapped out for an extra battery and battery life is pretty good.

Here Are The Specifications:

·       15.1″ standard or 15.4″ widescreen display: 1400 x1050, 1280×800

·       Memory: up to 2gb

·       Processor: Pentium M 1.3Ghz or faster

·       Optical Drive: DVD writer

·       Video card: Radeon 9600 (S video out)

·       Hard drive Standard 80Gb

·       Wireless built-in 802.11B


I have a strong preference for this style of medium-sized laptop. Some desktop replacement models are getting so big and hot that you might as well buy a desktop. This laptop, at least, can be easily carried around.

What is also lovely is the strong performances. The Radeon 9600 is an excellent mobile graphics chip and will give you reliable game performance. The price is also competitive, coming in at under $2000. All in all, it’s the right choice and you get quite a lot of flexibility when you configure it online.